Celebrating Our Identity | Building Our Community

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Celebrating Our Identity | Building Our Community

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The time is NOW to ensure that the cannabis industry serves the Black community and brings generational wealth and health equity to our people. We do the work to make this a reality. Will you support us with your donation and wear your gift on Inauguration Day?

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The Movement

I Am _ is an affirmation that “I Am Defining Me,” and I will celebrate myself by naming the many characteristics that I personify.

We acknowledge who we are and use our identity to propel us into action. As we name who we are, we embody that definition and allow it to empower us to reach our ultimate goal of building holistic health and wealth in the Black community.

We are the members of Cannabis Health Equity Movement™ (CHEM) and 40 Acres And A Dispensary. We believe that health in the Black community is only achieved through an approach that addresses economic equity, environmental equity, human equity and social equity – the 4 Pillars of Health Equity. Systemic oppression has impacted the lives of our people in such a complex way that an approach with a narrow focus is guaranteed to fail. Health is so intertwined with our environment, our resources, the systems in which we live and our mental and spiritual states that it is impossible to achieve wellness without addressing our entire existence. Therefore, we are taking on a holistic fight to obtain true health for our people.

In any movement, tools are necessary to achieve a goal. We wholeheartedly believe that cannabis is the tool of today that will help us accomplish our mission. Cannabis, in its many forms, has powerful healing properties that can improve and positively impact physical, mental and spiritual health. In addition, the economic potential of the plant is tremendous. We have chosen to use the tool that we were so graciously given by the Most High to accomplish our purpose.

We invite you to join the movement of creating health and wellbeing in the Black community. This is a critical moment, in which a newly legal cannabis industry is evolving that affords both health and wealth to the world. We, as Black people, must not be left out of reaping those benefits. There may never be another chance to build health equity and generational wealth to this magnitude. We pledge to not miss our opportunity!

The Campaign

The I Am Defining Me movement will remain one in which we define our identities and rebuild the Black community, but with each campaign we will define ourselves in a unique way to position ourselves to reach the common objective of wellbeing and wealth for our people.

Our inaugural event, I Am My VP, marks a moment of celebration for our movement and our community. We are overjoyed that we assisted in the elevation of one of our own to the office of the Vice President of the United States. Therefore, we will take this moment to honor Vice President Elect Harris’ achievements and acknowledge how we identify with her. This shared identity will allow us to view ourselves in a way that equips us with the energy to fight for another win – HEALTH EQUITY AND GENERATIONAL WEALTH IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Join us on The Campaign page of the website to learn more.

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