In this historic moment, we celebrate the achievement of the first Black woman to be elected to the office of the Vice President of the United States of America. We show our pride and our unity by representing our shared identify with Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. She is Black, a member of a Black Greek organization, an HBCU graduate, a supporter of the Black community and a supporter of cannabis reform, evidenced by her attempts to enact new cannabis legislation. We, as the creators of I Am Defining Me (members of Cannabis Health Equity Movement™ (CHEM) and 40 Acres And A Dispensary), are builders of holistic health and generational wealth in the Black community through cannabis. As individuals and as a group, we identify with the Vice President Elect’s ethnicity, Black Greek membership, HBCU education and advocacy for cannabis reform to reverse the devastating effects of the war on drugs in our community – the Black community.


The time is NOW to ensure that the cannabis industry serves the Black community and brings generational wealth and health equity to our people. We do the work to make this a reality. Will you support us with your donation and wear your gift on Inauguration Day?

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HBCU Alum/Students/Faculty/Staff

Members of Black Greek Organizations

The Black Community and Our Allies

We invite you to join us by celebrating how you relate to Vice President Elect Harris. Let’s reminisce and honor those moments of being students on our Black college campuses, crossing over the burning sands and being a part of a revolutionary community.

Even as we celebrate, we recognize there is work to do. We, as the creators of I Am Defining Me, will ensure that this historic moment leads to action. We will carry the fight for health equity, with a focus on economic, environmental, human and social justice. We will fight for fair access to opportunities and agency in entrepreneurship. We will fight for criminal justice reform and equitable legislation. We will fight for access to the resources necessary for prosperity. We understand that building a community where all people can access wellbeing and thrive requires a holistic approach.

For this fight, we advocate for cannabis legalization. With over 50,000 unique agricultural, industrial, medical and nutritional uses, cannabis is a root solution to creating health and wealth in the Black community. Not only do the innovations of cannabis necessitate the creation of businesses and jobs, but they have the power to heal our environment and our bodies. This is what makes cannabis an optimal tool to achieve health equity and generational wealth.

So we will work! We will work to advocate for comprehensive and inclusive cannabis legislation and regulation that create and support educational and economic opportunities for Black people in cannabis. We will work to establish pipelines that begin with Black landowners and farmers, who in partnership with Black brands will bring healing cannabis solutions to Black customers, consumers, patients and communities. It is time for the economy of cannabis to make a positive impact in Black communities, and we will work to get this done.

Will you get this done with us?

Will you be among the historic group that achieves the “impossible”?

We invite you to support us as we put in the work to build generational wealth and health equity for the Black community.

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If you identify with Vice President Elect Harris as a student, alum or staff of an HBCU, as a member of a Black Greek organization or as a supporter of the right to health equity and total wellbeing for all people, we’re asking for your donation to help us do the work to elevate our community. As a gift for your donation, you will receive a beautiful enamel lapel pin, mask and/or scarf and hat set. As we define ourselves proudly, let’s wear these gifts on Inauguration Day as a sign of celebration, pride and unity.

Join us in celebration and in action!

What I Am Defining Me will achieve with your generous donations:


  • Retail sales of medical and recreational cannabis in the United States are on pace to eclipse $15 Billion by the end of 2020 with total U.S. sales projected to rise as high as $37 Billion by 2024. These figures are just for sales of cannabis consumer goods. The industry is expected to inject $130 Billion yearly into the nation’s economy by 2024.
  • One 2017 survey found that less than 1/5th of ownership or stake-holder presence in cannabis retail are people of color. In fact, black people only own 4.3 percent of cannabis businesses, and those 4.3% of companies we do own includes companies in which we only have a small percentage of ownership. It has also been reported that Black ownership of cannabis dispensaries may be as low as 1 percent.
  • From distributing construction materials like hempcrete to patenting cutting-edge, sustainable packaging to developing creative marketing strategies, there are many business opportunities within the budding cannabis industry beyond consumer packaged goods.

I Am Defining Me will use your generous donation dollars to develop educational materials and experiences, resource guidance, workforce and entrepreneurial support services and opportunities to influence legislative reform. This will help people of color effectively integrate their current talents and resources into the cannabis space.


  • Cannabis shows promise in healthcare like no other plant. One of the biggest trends in the next few years will be of more funding for medical cannabis research than ever before.
  • It has been reported that there are up to 50,000 strains or varieties of cannabis. Each of these strains or varieties has the potential to be a different medication that can relieve a multitude of symptoms.
  • The United States, as a corporation, recognizes the many healing properties of the cannabis plant evidenced by the patent it holds on the plant’s neuroprotective capacities. This patent represents the utility of cannabinoids in treating illnesses like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and HIV dementia.
  • Owning a patent means that the United States OWNS the rights to these healing properties of the cannabis plant. This means that the cannabis plant IS beneficial, safe and even NECESSARY to treat diseases that plague our communities.
  • As of 2018, the National Institutes of Health has begun accepting applications for cannabis research and clinical trials.

I Am Defining Me will use your generous donation dollars to design and promote cannabis research, health and medical education and career pathing into cannabis medicine.


  • Our community’s reputation has been ravaged by racism through images of laziness, poverty, violence and despair. Many of these images were perpetuated through the war on drugs, which imprisoned a significant proportion of our population and created collateral damage in our communities. Cannabis is a promising industry that is recognized by many other communities as beneficial, versatile and, most of all, LUCRATIVE.
  • Wealth affords a community confidence, economic and social strength and growth for the future.

I Am Defining Me will use your generous donation dollars to design and implement community investment initiatives in collaboration with local community stakeholders and influential leaders in medicine, entertainment, sports and politics to rebuild and catapult the reputation of the Black community to the regal and respectable status it has always deserved.

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