The Team

The Team

We, the creators of I Am Defining Me, are the members of Cannabis Health Equity Movement™ (CHEM Coalition) and 40 Acres And A Dispensary.

The Cannabis Health Equity Movement™ (CHEM) is a call to action. It’s a call to educate, advocate, and demonstrate that cannabis is a root-solution to healing people and the earth.

Our mission is to actualize health equity for all people beginning with the revitalization of the Black, Indigenous and Latinx (BIL) communities harmed most by the war on drugs. With The 4 Pillars of Health Equity as our guide (economic, environmental, human and social equity), we apply regenerative design to the industrial ecology of cannabis, aiming to leverage the agricultural, industrial, medical and nutritional innovations of cannabis to revivify BIL communities into sustainable and resilient ecosystems that are productive of health, wealth and prosperity.

Our coalition (CHEM Coalition) is a mutual benefit, non-profit organization within the greater movement, and its mission is two-fold: to cultivate BIL cannabis industry and ancillary workforce, entrepreneurship and leadership success, and to promote stewardship of community planning and economic development through education, workforce development, small business support, reciprocal partnerships and the design and implementation of community revitalization initiatives.

40 Acres And A Dispensary is an organization that educates the Black community on the vast and lucrative opportunities in the cannabis industry. We provide vital information, artistic motivation and resources to help individuals enter into and become successful in the cannabis space. It is our belief that generating wealth is a vital part of generating health in a community. Therefore, we seek to build holistic health by promoting: Reparations through cannabis!


The time is NOW to ensure that the cannabis industry serves the Black community and brings generational wealth and health equity to our people. We do the work to make this a reality. Will you support us with your donation and wear your gift on Inauguration Day?

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HBCU Alum/Students/Faculty/Staff

Members of Black Greek Organizations

The Black Community and Our Allies


Angela Ledbetter, MD (Dr. Kaya)
Angela Ledbetter, MD (Dr. Kaya)Founder of 40 Acres And A Dispensary
Dr. Kaya is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who works on initiatives that bring holistic health to community through education and creativity. She focuses on efforts that use cannabis as a tool due to the vast health and financial benefits of the plant.
Rachel Knox, MD, MBA (Dr. Rachel)
Rachel Knox, MD, MBA (Dr. Rachel)Co-Founder & President of CHEM
Dr. Rachel is a certified Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist and Clinical Endocannabinologist with a background in Family, Integrative and Functional Medicine. She is chair of the Oregon Cannabis Commission, a founding member of Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition and a board member for MCBA and DFCR.
John Henry Alston, Jr.
John Henry Alston, Jr. Co-Founder & COO of James Henry SF
Mr. Alston is a Navy Veteran with experience in civilian aviation, engineering, atmospheric gases applications, high throughput manufacturing and business consulting. His company is a lifestyle cannabis company with a mission to help battle the opioid and designer drug epidemic with safer therapeutic products.
Lavonte Barnett
Lavonte BarnettFounder of TAE.logic, LLC & Prol1fic Integrations, LLC
Mr. Barnett is a fitness professional with a decade of experience in the industry. Driven by his goal to create accessible, holistic, achievable and sustainable health & wellness, he empowers others to take back their health on a daily basis by combining fitness and technology in his business endeavors.
Travell Bradford
Travell BradfordFounder of Momma Nature, LLC
Mr. Bradford is co-founder of CHEM Coalition and owns a commercial farming and agronomic solutions company with consulting and management services. He is also co-founder of Oregon Trail Farms, LLC and has experience in commercial farming, processing, industrial management engineering, process control and re-entry workforce & entrepreneurship skills training.
Faye Coleman, MBA
Faye Coleman, MBA Co-Founder & CEO of Pure Genesis, LLC
Ms. Coleman is a cannabis multi-state operator, educator and consultant. She is a board member for the African American Chamber of Commerce for New Jersey, a member of the Governor’s council for adult use legalization and a board member for the New Jersey Hemp Policy Committee.
Dasheeda Dawson, MBA
Dasheeda Dawson, MBAFounder of The WeedHead™ & Company
Ms. Dawson is chief strategist for CHEM, a global cannabis advocate and author. As an industry thought leader, she was selected by the City of Portland to oversee the city’s medical and adult-use cannabis regulatory program and is a founding member of Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition.
Janice Knox MD, MBA (Dr. Janice)
Janice Knox MD, MBA (Dr. Janice)Co-Founder of The CannaMDs
Dr. Janice is a board-certified anesthesiologist who believes in an integrative approach to delivering medical cannabis care. She serves as the Oregon representative to the DFCR and is co-founder of the American Cannabinoid Clinics, The American Cannabinoid Group and ADVENT Academy.
Jessica Knox, MD (Dr. Jessica)
Jessica Knox, MD (Dr. Jessica)Co-Founder of Doctors Knox, Inc.
Dr. Jessica is a board-certified preventive medicine physician with a keen interest in health literacy, access and education. She co-founded Doctors Knox, Inc., the American Cannabinoid Clinics and ADVENT Academy and served as medical director at a Silicon Valley telehealth startup.
Rico Lamitte
Rico LamitteFounder of CANiVISION
Mr. Lamitte is a 2x TEDx Alumnus, motivational speaker, emcee and a serial entrepreneur. Utilizing his unique background in professional athletics, entertainment and corporate finance, he’s built multiple cannabis brands and co-founded the National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance.
Carol Eaddy Langford
Carol Eaddy LangfordPrincipal Partner of Carol Eaddy Langford, LLC
Ms. Langford serves as a business development and consulting expert for quality of life and advocacy initiatives in the construction and energy sectors. She also serves as a government liaison for projects that involve policy impact, grant proposals, management and resource allocation.
Calan Ma’lyn
Calan Ma’lynFounder & CEO of GreenThumbEdu
Ms. Ma’lyn is a Creative Director, Cannabis Educator and User Experience Designer who started a schoolhouse for adults, teaching cannabis basics, wellness and business. She was once a Patient Consultant & Dispensary Outreach Coordinator and now works as a magazine Community and Operations Manager.
Ogadinma Obie, MD (Dr. Oga)
Ogadinma Obie, MD (Dr. Oga)Cannabinologist/Herbalist
Dr. Oga is president of ACHEM, a practitioner of Conscious Health, a board-certified emergency medicine physician and a lifestyle medicine coach. She dedicates her practice to the healing capacity of cannabis and believes it is truly a gateway drug – a gateway to curative health, whole body homeostasis and higher quality living.
James Turner
James TurnerIT Security Engineer/Software Developer
Mr. Turner’s focus includes Data Encryption and Identity Management. He has provided solutions to multiple government agencies and large corporations and is a subject matter expert in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Identity Management and Augmented Reality development.
James Anthony Victor
James Anthony VictorCo-Founder & CEO of James Henry SF
Mr. Victor is a Real Estate Developer with an extensive background in spearheading land acquisitions and full infrastructure developments for multi-million dollar projects. He is also an author and artist with a lifestyle cannabis company with a mission to help battle the opioid and designer drug epidemic with safer therapeutic products.
Cory Woods
Cory WoodsFounder of Zypp
Mr. Woods is an UI/UX designer with a background in hospitality and sports. He believes technology is meant to solve problems and streamline the digital experience, not add complexity. Minimalism inspires him in work, personal life and his mission to build sustainable cities. His company, Zypp, is a MobilePage for people, places and things.

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